We have built the DMF technology into a plug and play unit – fitted into standard shipping containers. The BioGenerator is fast and easy to install anywhere there is a need for water and nutrients for growing crops and a lack of water treatment capacity, and it can be scaled up, simply by adding extra units. As it functions as an engine for generating resources for a future circular bio economy we have named it BioGenerator.

BIOGENERATOR in context_cropped.jpg

NORDPHOS’ BioGenerator represents a technological paradigm shift in wastewater treatment – from solving particular treatment problems with single technologies - to providing resources for a future circular bio economy with integrated system solutions.

The BioGenerator can be applied in different set ups according to specific needs at the particular location.

Below a few typical examples:

Sewage mining.png

Decentred extension – sewage mining

The BioGenerator can be set up as a decentred extension to an existing centred wastewater treatment plant. Here water is taken out up stream the sewage system to deliver irritation water and nutrients to farmers, while the filtrated concentrate is send back into the sewage pipes to increase the content of organic matter in the water flowing to the central plant, and decrease the content of nutrients and the overall hydraulic load. This can improve the operation of the existing centred plant substantially and make future enlargements unnecessary.


Local stand-alone unit - in off grid operation

The BioGenerator can also be applied in an off grid system, where it is integrated with facilities for handling the organic matter, for instance simple sludge drying basins, composting facilities, a local biogas plant – or a small biogas reactor attached to the BioGenerator. With the latter biogas integration the BioGenerator can be turned into a complete bio energy and resource provider for a community and become a vehicle for local growth and employment.

Tailored plant.png

Large tailored BioGenerator plants – out of the box

The BioGenerator is not confined to the size that can be fitted into a standard ship container. At locations where the needed treatment capacity exceeds, what can be met by combining standard units, a tailored BioGenerator plant can be designed and set up in a building on site. This larger unit will typically replace smaller existing plants that are outdated and/or needs to be enlarged, or it can be set up at places in need of a complete new water treatment infrastructure. Here it often will be a more feasible option to establish several decentralised BioGenerator plants than building one big traditional centralised plant.


  • Earn money by selling water and nutrients to farmers

  • Ease the hydraulic load up stream the sewage system to avoid expensive enlargements of central plants.

  • Increase the COD concentration and decrease the N and P content to improve operation of central plant


  • Make water treatment plants hubs for thriving local bio economies

  • Treat wastewater close to the source and reuse it locally

  • Eliminate climate gas emissions from the treatment process – including laughter gas


  • Invest in valuable and upgradable technologies instead of dead concrete tanks

  • Save 50% on installation of treatment capacity – and earn extra revenue on the operation

  • Save 30% on operational cost on the wastewater treatment process


Take water treatment back to the communities where it is produced and make the resources it contains available for utilisation in local bio economic businesses.