The NORDPHOS approach to wastewater treatment is based on 40 years of experience within the sector. 

So far the focus solely has been on getting rid of the wastewater as efficiently and safely as possible, and consequently we have developed and applied the technologies to do so. But already now – not in a far future - we are facing a severe scarcity of resources, most severely water, but also nutrients to grow our food and biological matter to produce our energy and products without use of fossil fuels. Therefore, we can no longer afford to waste the resources in our wastewater, but we have to be able to reuse them infinitely. 

Fortunately, this also creates new business opportunities within the water sector, to make wastewater treatment affordable for everyone and create the foundation for thriving local bio economies. The NORDPHOS team is dedicated to create this prosperous circular future for the water sector, and the BioGenerator is the key to do that.

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NORDPHOS uses membrane filtration technologies to turn wastewater into valuable resources

- simply by separating it into a pure water fraction with nutrients and a concentrate of organic matter.

This is done before the biological digestion of the organic matter is started. Therefore the process is called Direct Membrane Filtration – in abbreviation DMF.

The nutrient rich water can then be used for cultivation of crops and the concentrate for the production of bio based energy and products. This way the DMF process makes the resources in our wastewater accessible for utilisation in bio production.

The direct membrane filtration has been developed and tested on the Island of Samsø in Denmark in 2016-2017. Here proof of concept was achieved, both on the operation of the filtration process and on delivering safe nutrient rich irrigation water to farmers.

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Make water treatment systems the vehicle for creating truly ecological production systems – empowered by human life.